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1996-03-04 00:00:00 - Total Recall and Nowhere-Man - (rguela@aol.com)

The more I watch this show, the more I see and suspect the parallel's with "Total Recall". My own theory is that Veil was NEVER a photographer with a "wife" and family. He always WAS working for the organization...it's THOSE memories that have been erased and the Veil photo-journalist identity is the false one. They are using him as the test...to see if the real memories will come back under the stress of what they are putting him through...plus they get to test all these new techniques and toys on the guy. Veil is pretty damn arrogant....what a come-uppance to find out he's part of what he's fighting!

1996-03-05 00:00:00 - Re: Total Recall and Nowhere-Man - (roses@access1.digex.net)

In article <313C36AC.3219@legend.txdirect.net>, Robertson <krobert@legend.txdirect.net> wrote: >I was thinking along that line also. Last night I looked at it a >diferent way. > What if........... It's all a dream--holy Dallas, Batman! Accccckkkkkk.... > > >-- >MZ? Still, not a bad idea. I had another. Checking the pilot out today for breaking glass. See this on another thread.... Yet another idea: The memories are implanted from the moment of the Photography gala: example: TV: in response to the woman (with the hat's inquiry): ...records of the facts, what is, what was...(broken glass with dropped tray) Anyway, I think TV was a Vietnam Vet: the French music from the restaurant, to his mother's house, to the carradio. To Tom's mother insisting he was dead. TV: You know my name? Bellamy: You told the Police it was Thomas Veil. ^^^ later, Powers: You were the special guy who saw thru it. Finally got to you, eh? TV:What *type* am I? Powers: The type that don't buy into the program. More--seem different to me after _Hidden Agenda_ TV: Why are we here? [with Bellamy the first time at the studio] Bellamy: To Test your version against reality. Bellamy: What are you feeling now? TV: Confused. Bellamy: Being a little less sure of things may just be the road to recovery. Much later: Powers: You still haven't put it together. [when he takes TV's medicine] Here's to 'Nam. Nowhere Maniacs, what do you think? Rose Swicegood

1996-03-05 00:00:00 - Re: Total Recall and Nowhere-Man - (spfuetze@gac.edu)

In article <313C36AC.3219@legend.txdirect.net>, krobert@legend.txdirect.net says... > >I was thinking along that line also. Last night I looked at it a >diferent way. > What if........... > TV is a photojournalist, does have a wife, and the big showing at his >studio was for real. > When he went to the bathroom, in the restraunt, he slipped on a wet >floor, and recieved a head injury. > Every thing we have seen since then has been TV's thoughts (distorted >by the head injury) within a coma. > Some day,( hopefully after years of more of this great stuff) it could >end this way. > Scot Hanson, is the ambulance driver taking TV to hospital > Emily Noonan is a nurse in the hospital > Maxx Webb is an administrator in the hospital > Dr Bellhamy is TV's doctor >Just as all this is revealed, and it's almost time to fade to black and >white, .... > The coma patient in the next room is revealed to be Gus (Dean >stockwell) > > >-- >MZ? Hmmm, I'd like to take that one step further...just when Tom decides that everything he saw in his coma the last few years is fake, he finds it's another plot by "Them" to beat him. Maybe as a last ep, they could have Tom finally come face to face with the Director. But then, I wouldn't want to ruin any great stories as NwM unfolds. Larry, if you're reading this, you have my full permission to use this story. Consider this a waver of my rights to it. ;) 'Course, I seriously doubt whatever anyone's posted on the board so far is anywhere near what Larry's got in mind for TV... -Stephan Pfuetze

1996-03-05 00:00:00 - Re: Total Recall and Nowhere-Man - (walkerstan@aol.com)

puddintame@aol.com (PuddinTame) writes: >Actually the inspiration for "Jacob's ladder" was an obscure Twilight Zone >episose(actually a short French film which was shown as an episode of The >Twilight Zone) called "Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge"(or something >similar). And that is the exact story...the hallucinations of a man being >hanged. (Course we don't find out he's being hanged until the surprise >ending). Actually, "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" was originally a story by Ambrose Bierce. Bierce, if you will remember, supposedly vanished in 1913 in Mexico, during the revolution. Was the Mexican Revolution one of THEIR early efforts at social engineering? Did Bierce see something he shouldn't have? (After all, he WAS a journalist, and would presumably have wanted to publish any such information) Was Bierce one of THEIR first, incomplete, attempts at erasure? Just how long have THEY been at this?? Stan Walker stan@esinet1.esinet.net (preferred) walkerstan@aol.com (if you must)