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1996-06-27 00:00:00 - Fanfic: Anyone written any? - (aexia@u.washington.edu)

Has anyone written any Nowhere Man fanfic? I'd like to add a listing to the FAQ. BTW, I've finally started on my Nowhere Man/MST3k crossover. Now I need to find a suitable piece to MST. The sketches are written but they could use some tinkering. And then I need to write the intro... Tom uses the palmtop to search for Dr. Larry Ehrhardt but runs into The Organization. The Director is suitably displeased again and decides to get rid of Tom once and for all... "So they conked him on the knoggin and shot him into space... (GET ME DOWN!)" -- Micheal Keane(aexia@u.washington.edu) Get the Nowhere Man FAQ at my webpage: http://weber.u.washington.edu/~aexia Petition Fox and tell them you want a DOCTOR WHO series in the Fall! Join the Church of Last Thursday of Queen Maeve the Cat and be saved!