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1996-05-30 00:00:00 - (corrected)Place Your Bets/Your Invitation to THE LARRY AWARDS - (puddintame@aol.com)

THIS IS A CORRECTED VERSION OF MY FIRST POSTING(I had next Monday's date wrong) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- To whet your appetites and to hopefully create some suspense/debate, I am ready to announce the top contenders for the main categories of our Larry Awards... Next Monday, June 3, 1996, I will be on channel #Nowhere-Man in Internet Relay Chat at 10:00pm Eastern Time(The time "Nowhere Man" finishes in my area) to announce the winners of THE LARRY AWARDS "live"(Ooh, couldn't ya die?). Aside from that bit of business, I think it's not a bad idea, in the wake of the show's apparent demise, that as many of us that are able to gather together to vent/theorize/mourn/plan/chew the fat. Naturally, I will also be posting the winners to the newsgroup and to the mailing lists but I hope everyone who has access to IRC will try to make it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ I noticed that there were a couple of omissions in my "Voter's Guide to The Larry Awards." I neglected to list the writer and director for two episodes. They are: "Paradise on Your Doorstep" Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: Tom Wright and "You Really Got a Hold on Me" Writers: Jake and Mike Weinberger Director: Michael Levine Nobody pointed this out for me but I really don't think these two omissions had any effect on the votes received(Besides, as I said in the first announcement, exact names weren't necessary. So, a vote for "The guy who wrote the Dean Stockwell episode" or "The guy who directed the New Phoenix episode" would have sufficed.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Without further ado, here are the "nominees"(with comments from me). Each set are listed in roughly chronological order of episode/performer appearance: NOMINEES FOR BEST GUEST/SUPPORTING ACTOR(MALE OR FEMALE) Megan Gallagher as Alyson Veil Richard Kind as Max Webb in "The Spider Webb" Dean Stockwell as Gus in "You Really Got a Hold on Me" Maria Bello as Emily in "An Enemy Within" Sean Whalen as Scott in "A Rough Whimper of Insanity" <Comments: This was the category with the most widely scattered votes. I was suprised that Maria Bello garnered the percentage of votes that she did(I guess maybe I didn't pay as much attention to her performance as I should have). All these votes were received before last night's rerun of AEW. On the other hand, such heavy-hitters(imho) as Michael Tucker(Dr. Bellamy in "Absolute Zero"), Ted Levine(Dave "Eddie" Powers in "Absolute Zero), and Sam Anderson(The Specialist in "Through a Lens, Darkly"/"Shutterbug") got very few votes. In fact, for good or for bad, there were more votes for such (imho)darkhorses as Roy Brocksmith(Bud Atkins in "Shine a Light on You"), Karen Witter(Janet in "Stay Tuned"), and Saxon Trainor(Deirdre in "Paradise on Your Doorstep") than for any of those three. Go figure.> NOMINEES FOR BEST "NOWHERE MAN" WRITER: Lawrence Hertzog Joel Surnow Art Monterastelli David Ehrman Jane Espenson <Comments: No real surprises in this category. Nice to see Ms. Espenson get a vote of confidence as a result of writing a single episode("Coma"/"Zero Minus Ten").> NOMINEES FOR BEST "NOWHERE MAN" DIRECTOR: Tobe Hooper James Whitmore, Jr. Tom Wright Guy Magar Ian Toynton <Comments: Again, no surprises> NOMINEES FOR BEST PERFORMANCE BY BRUCE GREENWOOD: "Absolute Zero" "Contact" "Through a Lens, Darkly"(aka "Shutterbug") "Calaway" "Coma"(aka "Zero Minus Ten") <Comments: A semi-surprise here was "Calaway." I suppose it's good that people were able to separate Mr. Greenwood's performance from what a lot of us looked upon as a so-so episode.> NOMINEES FOR BEST "NOWHERE MAN" EPISODE: "Absolute Zero" Written by Lawrence Hertzog, Directed by Tobe Hooper "Something About Her" Written by Lawrence Hertzog, Directed by James Whitmore, Jr. "The Spider Webb" Written by Joel Surnow, Directed by Tom Wright "Hidden Agenda" Written by David Ehrman, Directed by Michael Levine "Through a Lens, Darkly"(aka "Shutterbug") Wriiten by Art Monterastelli, Directed by Ian Toynton <Comments: The winner in this category won by a very comfortable margin. The runner-up recieved a respectable number of votes. The remaining three nominees took up the rear. I didn't think "Something About Her" would make the cut over "Coma"/"Zero Minus Ten" but democracy in action never ceases to amaze me! > Thanks to everyone who took the time out to participate. Your votes inspire me to check out certain episodes/performances which I may have dismissed too hastily the first time around. Again, the winners will be unveiled next Monday, June 3, 1996 in channel #Nowhere-Man on Internet Relay Chat at 10:00pm Eastern time. Should be fun. Especially fun will be reading off all the winners in the Make-Up-Your-Own-Category categories. :) Be seeing you.