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1999-01-24 00:00:00 - Another Letter to SciFi - (Jean-Pierre <NOSPAMjpjelsma@worldonline.nl>)

Another letter to the SciFi channel, this one by, yes, ...a traitor in the ranks of 'them'..... Keep the letters flowing people, we'll keep sticking it to them until they air our show. Remember, one letter means a 100 viewers! If anyone needs an address or advice, feel free to email me (remove the PLEASESPAMME) from my email). -----Original Message----- From: Alexander Hale <alexander_hale@hotmail.com> To: feedback@scifi.com <feedback@scifi.com> Cc: programming@scifi.com <programming@scifi.com> Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 2:31 PM >The SciFi Channel >Ms Bonnie Hammer >New York > >Hello miss Hammer, > > >There���s a rumour floating around on the Internet that you might be >looking at airing my all time favourite show on your channel: ���Nowhere >Man���. I very nearly kicked myself when I heard some people were bringing >it to your attention: I have always thought ���Nowhere Man��� would find an >ideal home at the SciFi channel, but never came >up with the idea of simply asking for it... > >When Nowhere Man aired there was a bunch of people that were hyping it >as the hottest cult show, and predicted it to become a future cult hit >like ���The Prisoner���. Somewhere along the line though, the network that >aired it managed to fumble a great show away by switching its timeslot a >lot, moving it further back to the end of the evening. Even though I >still managed to get to see it,(heck, its the only show I bothered to >learn programming my VCR for) it certainly made it less likely for >unaware viewers to find it. Due to the nature of the show (elaborate >mindcontrol, a general feel of paranoia and continuous pursuit like ���The >Fugitive���, involvement of very powerful organisations) I guess it wasn���t >mainstream enough for the entire American viewing audience to like it. > >Hence my reasoning that it would be perfect for you - you���re aiming at >the dedicated audience interested in SciFi shows, that being shows like >Sliders, Quantum Leap, Burning Zone etc. All shows that fitted the >general profile of ���my kind of show���. Out of the ordinary, >unpredictable, suspensefull, and with a serious portion of SF thrown in. >Nowhere Man was all that - and more. It had the afore mentioned >mindcontrol, it had people being replaced by ���duplicates��� (people that >had their appearances altered and that, along with brainwashing, made >them perfect assasins), it had a portion where Virtual Reality was taken >to new heights, it had subliminal programming, It had >secret underground computer centres, Alien involvement and on and on. >Besides all the SF, the show maintained an eerie intensity by using very >varying and well-written stories. > >Well, that���s it, now I have asked it. Something else that came to mind >when thinking how silly it was that I never simply went and asked you >for this show was the question of how you select shows that you think >are suitable for showing on your channel? It seems hard >to pick up the real gems without watching them all your self >-unless people go and ask you for it, ofcourse. > >Anyway, thank you for your time and good luck with your work at SciFi. > >Yours Truly, > > >Alexander J. Hale. >Alexander_Hale@hotmail.com > > > > >______________________________________________________