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1996-02-27 00:00:00 - 2/26 show - (kim@nntp.cadence.com)

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! Wow! This ep ought to put to rest the idea that Tom is being judged for not helping out the people who were hanged! By snapping the picture, he thought he was helping in the best way he could. And on the face of it, I would concur; he obviously could not do much to stop things, given the situation. Well, obviously, that's on one level! Another level is the confusion about what was REALLY going on. The hangings didn't really happen? Or didn't really happen in the jungle? Hangings were staged (perhaps with dummies)? Brrrr, what a puzzle!! Maybe THEM put together the stage props to try to *CONVINCE* Tom that it was a trick. They knew the contact would try to tell him about the exit, and that killing the contact would be very convincing. Kudos to Larry: what a GREAT episode! -- "Never let work interfere with your reasons for working." Kim Helliwell

1996-02-27 00:00:00 - Re: 2/26 show - (puddintame@aol.com)

Kim Helliwell said: >"This ep ought to put to rest the idea that Tom is being judged for not >helping out the people who were hanged! " I think you're to a theory I proposed which said(condensing it:) that the entire series is being played out in Tom's mind out of guilt and paranoia. Including guilt for faking his photograph. If anything this episode reinforces the theory...Tom's mind yearning for a scapegaot organization to blame the faking of the photo on.