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1998-09-12 00:00:00 - Nowhere Man and Bill Clinton - (CIELO1@webtv.net)

Tom Veil was a Nowhere Man. He was a man lost in his own thoughts in a world that didn't really exist. He was trying to rediscover a life that was a mirage. He was trying to regain his "good name" which had been "stolen" from him. He had a marriage that turned out to be a lie, for appearances only. Though good-intentioned, he did little to solve his own problems or the larger problems created by the world at large (or THEM) all around him. He was a tragic figure who did not understand the predicament he was in.=A0 He had a character flaw that poisoned his whole existence. He was a deeply likeable fool. Sound like anybody we know? Move over Tom, at least for a while. Make way for the new Nowhere Man.