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2000-07-03 00:00:00 - Free online movie, first interactive movie - (Jean-Pierre <Kein_Spam_jpj@casema.net>)

Well, I speculated about some of this stuff six months ago, and now..its already happening. Can Nowhere Man be next? http://www.405themovie.com/ (requires Microsoft Winbloze) Apple (quicktime) version of 405 at www.ifilm.com http://www.itsyourmovie.com/ THE WORLD'S FIRST INTERACTIVE MOVIE Ever sat in the dark watching a movie and thinking "I could do better than this"? Now's your chance to prove it. Running Time on itsyourmovie.com is the world's first Interactive Motion Picture (IMP) in which YOU, the audience, decide what should happen next. An edgy thriller set in London and shown here in regular episodes will allow the audience, for the first time ever, to drive the story, telling the lead character, pretty, feisty bike courier KJ what she should be doing. Who can she trust? Who can she fall in love with? Which characters live or die? You decide and our creative team, led by Simon Beaufoy, writer of The Full Monty, swing into action. It's your move It's your movie. Ask Slashdot: Movies Online? Posted by Cliff on Saturday July 01, @01:58PM from the woe-to-the-cineplex dept. Crowdpleazr1 asks: "I'm starting to wonder if someday I'll consider going out to a theater to be a quaint experience. I just finished downloading the online-only movie 405, created in the spare time of two visual effects guys, and I thought it was a lot funnier than most flicks I pay money for. On top of that, I've been having a blast watching the choose-your-own-adventure movie, It's Your Movie. With Titan A.E. recently being downloaded to a movie theater, I wonder if all movies will soon become online-only affairs. Is there a business model to support this?" An interesting thought. Do you all think that digital movies may eventually bypass the traditional cineplex and be delivered straight to your home? I would pay for something like that.