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1996-04-06 00:00:00 - The Director - (vic33@usa.pipeline.com)

For no apparent reason, I thought of an old movie today which also had a mysterious "Director". The Conversation. Gene Hackman would try to see "the Director", and Harrison Ford (the Director's secretary) would tell him 'The director's not in" or something. Photographs were an important plot element in this story as well. If I recall correctly... Hackman was hired by the Director to photograph and record a certain person's actions. Hackman uncovers what appears to be a murder conspiracy during his photographing and recording of a conversation this person has with someone else. -- Vic33@usa.pipeline.com http://pwp.usa.pipeline.com/~vic33/ **** FIGHT CENSORSHIP ON THE INTERNET**** ---->>>> WATCH UPNs "NOWHERE MAN"!! <<<<---- Visit the PDX.MOVIES newsgroup!