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1996-01-16 00:00:00 - Say it ain't so, Larry (Contact, Spoilers) - (tope@netcom.com)

OK, I saw the new episode... And frankly Larry, this isn't what made NWM such a captivating show. Tonight's muck was contrived and almost out of character. I refuse to believe that after months of running, Tom would suddenly trust a voice that has photos and video as proof. Didn't the last episode prove that video can be manipulated. Haven't we seen that a picture isn't worth a 1000 words in TV's world. The whole set-up seemed contrived and belittling TV's intelligence. He suddenly trusts a guy who uses him like a pawn and is then given all the keys he needs. Yes there may be a fifth column in a ny organization, but this all seems out of line. Throughout this show, I kept thinking Charlie's Angels (the mysterious voice guiding the protagonists like puppets). If this is UPN's idea of improvement, then I think I'll do what I do to the rest of the UPN sked -- tune it out. But not yet. Every show has weak episodes. Hopefully this is an aberration and there's a better compromise between the original intent and UPN's bloodsucking. Tope.