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1997-02-20 00:00:00 - ~~~ Solving the Search Dilemma! ~~~ - (dmd@marketshares.com)

~~~ Solving the Search Dilemma! ~~~ We challenge you. Type in airlines (or clothing, or mutual fund, or automobile, etc.) in your favorite search engine. Even type in the name of a specific company...and answer the following questions: 1. How many sites were found, and what percentage (if any) were relevant to your search term(s)? 2. Were there any duplicate or confusing URLs, or dead links? 3. If it did find a specific company, did it also list its competitors? 4. Overall, did you find what you were expecting to find? Now, type in the same term in www.marketshares.com. And compare. www.marketshares.com is designed to solve two problems on the web: 1. The consumer's frustration in locating quality commercial sites amongst the millions of irrelevant sites in various search engines 2. The commercial business site's inability to rank in these major search engines, guaranteeing visibility and increased traffic to their site www.marketshares.com accomplishes this by charging the business sites to be listed and ranked. And, the more they pay (there is no set fee), the higher up in the rankings they go. It follows the same principles found in all other forms of marketing and advertising--on TV, in magazines, on the radio--where better placement or time slots cost more. With marketshares, the corporate and commercial site now has a predictable way of ranking high, being seen, and being visited (and selling their ideas, products, and services). And the consumer now has a vehicle to find relevant, informative sites faster, easier, and with less frustration. And, 10% of marketshares' net profits go to charity every month. Please visit www.marketshares.com for more information and a chance to make the web work for you!