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1998-02-03 00:00:00 - (Dean) Valentine's Day! - (Jean-Pierre <jpjelsma@worldonline.nl>)

Hey all, come 14th of february (Valentine's Day) we have a great chance to make ourselves be known. Credit goes to Scorpio for thinking of this: Dean Valentine (President of UPN) is according to well informed sources actually a fan of Nowhere Man. We can use this to try and get his cooperation in getting the show back on somehow. How? By sending him special Valentine's day cards with a strong 'Bring Back NWM' angle! Remind him how good the show was, let him know we think 'he's our valentine' because UPN showed NWM and ask him to let go of the rights/realise they have something great as part of their assets.... Check http://home.worldonline.nl/~jpjelsma/ For the Hidden Valentine Project info which will be updated and expanded as fans come up with more angles, cards etc. Your help is very welcome !! Contact me if you need more info! JP jpjelsma@worldonline.nl