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1996-01-17 00:00:00 - what was up with last nights nwhm - (Wyldwalker <afn33976@afn.org>)

allrighty some spoiller space is it just me or is the plot of nowhere man becoming a bit like the manchurian canidate. 1)alyison isn't thoms wife 2)this mind control is little more than subliminal messages(if one didn't guess) 3)it apears that thom's mind eye isn't reliable L.A.Bernard "just because you're parinoid doesn't mean there not all after you" nirvana lithium "the dynamic principle of fantasy is play"C.G.Jung "the hero has died as a modern man;but as eternal man-universal man-he has been reborn" joseph cambell "spooooonnnn!"the tick "not the face not the face" artie