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1996-08-20 00:00:00 - Final Thoughts on NwM (Gemini) - (IJBall@aol.com)

Well, this is probably my final (or near to my final) post to this group, as I'll probably desubscribe now that NwM has finished its run. But after seeing the finale again, I thought I'd share my conclusions on the show. And my biggest conclusion is... ...That "Hidden Agenda" is real after all and the "4 Senators" thing was all a ruse, and that Tom Veil *really* is Tom Veil and *not* Gemini!!! I have some supporting evidence for this conclusion (see below), but I must admit that there are several continuity errors that make it difficult to make any solid conclusions. Among them: - In "Marathon", the FBI agent, Robman, says that Sen. Balkan "disappeared" several months before. But in "Gemini", Wallace (Hal Linden) says its impossible that Balkan was hanged because he's been seen consistently over the past year. So, who's lying? It's easier to believe Wallace because the disappearance of a Senator would be such big news that even Tom (on the run) would have noticed it. So was Robman lying, or did he just know more about the truth than Wallace? Or maybe the Senator never really disappeared at all... - The fact that #2 man at the FBI, Barton, is part of The Organization, even though we've been previously led to belive that They had not infultrated the Gov't (indeed, all of their techniques seemed aimed at taking over the Gov't from the *outside*). - The Jeep and military officers from "Hidden Agenda" are absent from the "4 Senators" photograph. So did the Organization actually fake *all* the players Tom has previously encountered from the "Hidden Agenda" photo?!!! Or were these people real after all? - The fact that "Hidden Agenda" had been "doctored", but that Tom, a professional photojournalist, had never noticed it until the lab teech showed him in "Marathon"! (Or for that matter, that Tom had never noticed the edge of the photo with the phone until "Marathon".) Perhaps, Tom didn't have the "real" negative by the time "Marathon", takes place; perhaps "They" had already gotten the negative and replaced it. It's the second to last item that has me convinced that "Hidden Agenda" is real. It's *much* easier to fake Tom into thinking that the "4 Senators" is real (when it probably isn't) than it is to construct this elaborate ruse to lead Tom into thinking that "Hidden Agenda" is real (then lead him to believe it's fake). So, here are my reasons for thinking that "Hidden Agenda" is real, and the "4 Senators" photo is probably as ruse: - "They" had already located Robman's box. If They had located it, that almost certainly means the contents of that box had been compromised, and thus *none* of the contents of the box should be believed. This also calls into question whether this "Gemini" character really exists at all! (Either that, or this is just sloppy, poorly thought-out writing! ;> ) - As stated above, Tom has just encountered too many players from "Hidden Agenda" for it to be plausible that it never happened. - Barton *never* comes out and says "Hidden Agenda is fake". In fact, if you listen to what he says again, he could just as easily be talking about the "4 Senators" being fake as opposed to "Hidden Agenda". - Alexander Hale, the "traitor" from the palmtop arc was already compromised when the episode "Hidden Agenda" took place, so everything he says in that episode is suspect, including his "revelation". - We have no reason to believe Robman; Robman could be one of "Them". - As we know from "The Spider Webb", "They" can already predict what Tom will do, so *They* may have put the "4 Senators" negative in that hiding place in the "safe house". And from my first point above, it is likely that They already know about this safe house. - We have no way of knowing whether that really is Tom in the video, or whether it's the fake "Tom" from "Doppleganger". - And why bother with the whole thing at all if "They" already have the "4 Senators" negative in the first place! It's clear to me in watching the series again that the whole "turn" in the series starting with the episode "Hidden Agenda" was poorly thought out and suffers from many conintuity problems. Thus, either these turn of events were all a ruse and "Hidden Agenda" is real, or the whole last third of NwM was poorly thought out and doesn't make sense (looks like Alan's right about his complaints vis a vis this!). I prefer to think that it's the former, and that "Hidden Agenda" is real. Too bad we'll never get to see Tom realize this in season #2... :( Bye, bye everyone! It's been a blast. -- Ian J. Ball | Want my TV episode guides or rec.arts.tv FAQ? Grad Student, UCLA | http://members.aol.com/IJBall/WWW/IJBall.html IJBall@aol.com | ftp://members.aol.com/IJBall3/FTP/ ijb@ucla.edu | "What to do, with time so short?..."