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1996-05-15 00:00:00 - It ain't over til' - (Veronica Davis <veronica_davis@online.disney.com>)

Well you know the rest. Im writing to you guys not only as the person in charge of the Nowhere Man website for Touchstone but as a fan of the show. I think that what happens with NwM depends on what you guys do next. Many shows have been "cancelled", moved to another network or pulled for an overhaul only to be immensely popular in a subsequent season or on another network ("Ellen" is a prime example). I say we don't give up now. Go to the site and email Disney using the link on the NwM home page. If you, the fans, just give up and go away there is virtually NO chance of the show being resurrected. http://www.TVplex.com/Touchstone/NowhereMan/NowhereManG.html p.s. Im also trying to get a copy of "Hidden Agenda" without the puzzle lines. Write me if you're interested. -- Veronica Davis | Producer -> Disney Online | veronica_davis@online.disney.com | http://www.TVplex.com "Opinions expressed herein are my own and in no way represent those of my employer Disney Online, or any other of The Walt Disney Companies"

1996-05-16 00:00:00 - Re: It ain't over til' - (alantuck@usa.pipeline.com)

On May 15, 1996 18:27:22 in article <It ain't over til'>, 'Veronica Davis <veronica_davis@online.disney.com>' wrote: >Well you know the rest. I know the rest, but in this case, it doesn't apply. I've seen Lucie Salhany, and for a middle-aged woman, she's in pretty good shape. The svelte lady has sung. -Alan Tucker-

1996-05-17 00:00:00 - Re: It ain't over til' - (gwatson341@aol.com)

A copy of Hidden Agenda without the puzzle lines? Heck yeah, I'm interested. It's the best copy of the picture on the net by far. I think that's why UPN in Denver advertised the show so much. Someone at the affiliate is a fan of NwM. So since you're a fan and a Disney employee, where's your connections????