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1999-10-15 00:00:00 - And Another Thing . . . - (Scott <scottspm@home.com>)

Again...posting for the same friend: "I just figured Something out(It took me awhile). --Most of us know that Tom is Gemini and in "you really got a hold on me" he found out that somebody was taking pictures from the opposite side of the execution with their faces pointing to this mystery person while Tom's pictures showed them facing away. --We know that in Tom's photo there was a sleeve digitally added to one of the victims and underneath there was a Nazi code on the victims wrist. --But in Gemini photo the sleeve was on the senators arm. (hmmm) --And we all should know that Gemini's photo showed the victims faces towards him. Here's what I realized: In "A Rough Whimper of Insanity" when the kid opened Tom's file you saw a few words. Two of them are "Third Generation"(hmm). This lead me to believe that if the show had progressed another season we have found out that Tom was a "Third Generation" experiment and Gemini was yet the previous experiment. A second generation experiment used to deceive Tom and underneath lies another personality-the real person, maybe an operative or maybe not." -- "Hope is NOT a thing with feathers, the thing with feathers is my nephew, and I have to take him to a specialist in Zurich." - Woody Allen *** SPREADING AWARENESS: http://www.nowhereman.org *** Scott P. Morin ScottSPM@home.com http://www.ScottSPM.com http://www.EastBayBikePath.com http://www.RIBP.com - Business