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1996-05-26 00:00:00 - (repost)Voters' Guide to The Larry Awards - (puddintame@aol.com)

Here's a brief run down of the episodes for those who are concerned about being a well-informed voter: Episode #1 "Absolute Zero" Photographer Thomas Veil leaves his gallery opening early and dines with his wife, Alyson at a restaurant. Tom ducks into the restroom for a cigarette. When he comes back he finds his wife missing and the owner of the restaurant denying he ever seated them. Tom slowly realizes his life has been somehow "erased". His ATM card is invalid, and everyone close to him(his wife, friends)deny even knowing him. Tom returns to his studio to find that the centerpiece of his show, a photographed titled "Hidden Agenda" depicting four men being hanged as some military figures look on, is missing. Tom is placed in Calaway Psychiatric Hospital. There he is questioned by a Dr. Bellamy and is befriended by an inmate named "Eddie." Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: Tobe Hooper Tom Veil: Bruce Greenwood Alyson Veil: Megan Gallagher Dr. Bellamy: Michael Tucker Dave "Eddie" Powers: Ted Levine -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Episode #2 "Turnabout" In the first episode, Tom stole Dr. Bellamy's credit cards and i.d. Because of this, he is mistaken for the doctor by The Organization and is assigned to break down the resistance of one of their captives, a former schoolteacher who, like Tom, has had her life "erased. Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: Tobe Hooper Ellen Combs: Mimi Craven The Supervisor: George Del Hoyo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Episode #3 "The Incredible Derek" In Georgia, Tom encounters a boy psychic as well as Harry Corners, one of the soldiers who appears in the "Hidden Agenda" photo. Writer: Joel Surnow Director: James Darren Derek: Zachery McLemore Derek's Dad: Mike Starr Harry Corners: Tim DeZarn -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Episode #4 "Something About Her" Tom is abducted by the organization who, by use of drugs and virtual reality type equipment, convince Tom he is in a loving relationship with a woman so that they can force Tom to give up the ngatives by threatening her life. Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: James Whitmore, Jr. Karin: Carrie Ann Moss Dr. Moen: Raphael Sbarge Mr. Grey: Kent Williams -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Episode #5 "Paradise on Your Doorstep" Tom finds himself in a self-contained community composed of people whose lives, like his, have been erased. The community is led by the charismatic Paul who conceals a dirty secret from all of them Paul: Stephen Meadows Deirdre: Saxon Trainor -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Episode #6 "The Spider Webb" While investigating the last known residence of his hospital roommate, "Eddie", Tom sees the recent traumatic events in his life recreated on a mysterious television show. He confronts the show's producer who tests Tom's concept of free will as he leads him down a garden path to a trap. Writer: Joel Surnow Director: Tom Wright Max Webb: Richard Kind Mr. Simmons: Sam Mowry -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Episode #7 "A Rough Whimper of Insanity" Tom befriends a reclusive computer hacker who attempts to access Tom's delted files. Writer: Joel Surnow Director: Guy Magar Scott Hansen: Sean Whalen Virtual Alyson Veil: Megan Gallagher Pam: Karen Moncrief -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Episode #8 "The Alpha Spike" Tom traces Dr. Bellamy's research to a private called The Sterling Academy where the students are being programmed in their sleep by subliminal messages. A student named Kyle murders a rebellious classmate and attempts to blackmail Tom into covering it up. Writer: Erica Byrne Director: Steven Robman Headmaster: James McDonell Kyle: Jackson Price Sheriff Wade: Bryan Cranston Vickie: Jennifer Banko Voice of Dr. Bellamy(on tape): Michael Tucker -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- Episode #9 "You Really Got a Hold on Me" Tom enccounters a man who has been running from Tom's pursuers for the past 25 years. Gus Shepard: Dean Stockwell Tina: Leslie Kay Sterling -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Episode #10 "Father" Tom encounters a man claiming to be his father who is remarried, who now goes by the name "Jonathan Crane", and who is being threatened by loan sharks. Writer: Art Monterastelli Director: Guy Magar Jonathan Crane: Dean Jones Beth Crane: Donna Bullock Morris(gangster): Joseph Carberry -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Episode #11 "An Enemy Within" Tom is accidentally shot while camping. He is nursed back to health by a woman named Emily who is waging a war against the encroachment of a large food conglomerate which is trying to buy up the local farms. Writer: Peter Dunne Director: Ian Toynton Emily: Maria Bello -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode #12 "It's Not Such a Wonderful Life" At Christmastime Tom's torment appears to come to an end when he is located by federal agents, placed under the protection of two agents, and is reunited with his wife and mother. Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: Tim Hunter Sandra Wilson(Government attorney): Carol Huston Alyson Veil: Megan Gallagher Tom's Mother: Mary Gregory Rick: Willie C. Carpenter Roy: W. Earl Brown -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Episode #13 "Contact" A defector from the organization contacts Tom and involves him in a plot to assassinate Richard Grace, the man who executed Tom's erasure order. Tom is initially framed for the murder, then cleared by the organization's pulling of strings. At teh end of the episode Tom has formed an uneasy alliance with the defector who gives Tom a palmtop computer crammed with tidbits of information regarding Tom's pursuers. Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: Reza Badiyi Richard Grace: Joseph Lambie The Voice(of the defector): Robin Sachs -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Episode #14 "Heart of Darkness" Tom infiltrates The American Guard, a radical militia-type group whose leader, Cyrus Quinn, may have information regarding the hanging Tom witnessed in the jungle. Tom and his fellow enlistees are each stripped of their names and assigned numbers by a sadistic instructor named Knox who shows his willingness to kill anyone who defies his authority. Writer: David Ehrman Director: Stephen Stafford Cyrus Quinn: James Tolkan Knox: Patrick Kilpatrick Gary: Scott Coffey -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Episode #15 "Forever Jung" Tom uncovers a training ground for assassins which is tied to secret experiments that reverse the aging process. Writer: Joel Surnow Director: Greg Beeman Older Pauline: Edith Fields Younger Pauline: Melanie Smith Dr. Seymour: Leon Russom Nurse Ellman: Freda Foh Shen Rudy: Paul Marin ---------------------------------------------------------------- Episode #16 "Shine a Light On You" Tom's search for answers leads him to a town which seems plagued by UFO sightings and mysterious disappearances. He ultimately discovers that the UFO sightings are a hoax designed to divert attention away from the side effects of a secret project involving energy created by balanced magnetic field technology. Writer: Art Monterastelli Director:Stephen Stafford Helen Myerson:Dorie Barton Bud Atkins: Roy Brocksmith Hank Bower: Tom McCleister Sheriff Wilkes: George Gerdes Dr. Myerson: Bill Geisslinger -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Episode #17 "Stay Tuned" Tom's palmtop computer leads him to Darby, New York, where television is being used to effect the outcome of an election. Writer: Lawrence Hertzog Director: Mel Damski Jim Hubbard: Chris DeYoung Michael: Billy O'Sullivan Janet: Karen Witter -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Episode #18 "Hidden Agenda" His treachery having been uncovered, the organization arranges for Mr. Hale, the defector who gave Tom his palmtop computer, to finally have a face to face meeting with Veil. The meeting is monitored by the organization and seems to be a test of Tom's memories concerning the events surrounding the taking of the "Hidden Agenda" photograph. Tom recounts a story of a covert operation, funded by drug money, being run in Chile by a group posing as American soldiers. After Tom finishes his story, Mr. Hale tell Tom that nothing he remembers really happened. The organization, who feared something like this might happen, kill Mr. Hale using a device they had implanted on his body but not before Hale gives Tom directions that lead him to the location of the gallows seen in the "Hidden Agenda" photograph. It is situated near an exit on a Washington DC highway. Writer: David Ehrman Director: Michael Levine Harrison Barton(reporter): Dwight Schultz Mr. Hale: Robin Sachs -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Episode #19 "Doppelganger" The palmtop computer leads Tom into a trap where he is framed for the murder of a woman named Clare Hillard by a man who is his double. Tom disposes of the palmtop at the end of this episode. Writer: Schuyler Kent Director: Ian Toynton Clare Hillard: Jamie Rose Jane Butler(Public Defender): Mia Korf Detective Tanner: Richard Penn -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Episode #20 "Through a Lens Darkly" Tom is abducted and locked in a house with one of the organization's experts in hypnosis who uses refracted light to trigger painful flashbacks in order to break down Tom's resistance. Writer: Art Monterastelli Director: Ian Toynton The Man: Sam Anderson Tom(age 10): Trevor O'Brien Tom(teenager): Jason Waters Young Laura: Julia Whelan Laura(teenager): Monica Creel Laura(age 30): Sydney Walsh -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Episode #21 "The Dark Side of the Moon"(aka "The Mugging") Tom's negatives are stolen by a member of a streetgang who is subsequently killed by a member of the organization. Tom is blamed for the murder and is hunted by the gang. He struggles to survive a night in the urban jungle as he attempts to elude the gang and recover his negatives from the assassin. Writer: David Ehrman Director: James Whitmore, Jr. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Episode #22 "Calaway" After going over 9 days without sleep with no apparent reason, Tom traces his problem nack to Calaway Psychiatric Hospital. There he discovers, to his surprise that J.C., a former patient with a Messiah complex is now identified as Dr. Novik, a member of the staff. Writer: Joel Surnow Director: Reza Badiyi Joe "J.C." Carter: Jay Arlen Jones Michael Kramer(new patient): Richard Cicchini Dr. Gilmore: Bruce Gray -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Episode #23 "Coma" (aka "Zero Minus Ten") Tom awakens in a hospital and is told that he has just awoken from a coma and that his many recent trials have been merely nightmares he's had while he has been unconscious. He is reunited with Alyson, his wife and his best friend, Larry Levy, whose dead body he once saw stuffed into a closet. Writer: Jane Espenson Director: James Whitmore, Jr. Alyson: Megan Gallagher Larry: Murray Rubenstein Ben(Tom's assistant): Choppy Guilllotte Doctor: David Bodin ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Episode #24 "Bed of Lies" (aka "Marathon") Tom blows up a section of negative and there discovers a frequency listed on a soldier's radio. Listening in on the frequency leads Tom to Heritage House, a secret FBI operation, at the same time that the organization decides to "downsize" the office "with extreme prejudice." Tom manages to escape along with one of the secretaries. Soon Tom is cooperating with the FBI. The FBI is investigating the organization which, as best they can determine is some sort of private security operation engaged in mind control experiments. It is revealed that "Hidden Agenda" is a digitally altered photograph. As the FBI slowly strips away the false information contained in the negative, Tom leads the agent in charge to the gallows scene. The epsidoe ends with the agent entrusting Tom with a key to a safe deposit box which contains much information on the organization as well as information about Tom himself. Writer: Art Monterastelli Director: Stephen Stafford Jenny Tsu: Elsie Sniffen Nicolas Surovy: Agent Robman -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Episode #25 "Exposed"(aka "Gemini") The contents of the safe deposit box lead Tom to the apparently abandoned safehouse of an FBI agent codenamed "Gemini." Tom learns that the four Senators in the photograph are members of the intelligence commitee on ant-terrorism led by a Sen. Wallace. The four changed their votes to side with Wallace in order to defeat a domestic anti-terrorism bill. Tom confronts Wallace with the photo. Wallace consults with an FBI assistant director named Barton, who ultimatley is revealed to be in cahoots with the conspiracy. Wallace is apparently replaced by a double and Tom confronts Barton only to learn the true identity of the agent codenamed "Gemini" Writers: Lawrence Hertzog and Art Monterastelli Director: Stephen Stafford Wallace: Hal Linden Barton: Francis X. McCarthy Iverson(Wallace's assistant): Edward Edwards