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FAST CASH IN A HURRY!!!!! GET YOUR SHARE NOW!!!!!!!FAST CASH IN A HURRY!!!!! GET YOUR SHARE NOW!!!!!!!FAST CASH IN A HURRY!!!!! GET YOUR SHARE NOW!!!! Hi everyone, Please take 5 minutes to read this, it will change your life. Last January I was out of work and out of credit. Rent was due and no work at the local hiring hall. I desperately needed cash. I was surfing the net trying to take my mind off my troubles,when I came across this article promising fast cash. It said," $5.00 and five stamps could return around $30,000 in as little as 30 days. I was very skeptical but decided what the hell, I spend more than that in gas going back and forth to the hall. I didn't tell anyone, because I thought my friends would laugh and call me a fool. I'm only getting started but the results are promising. Give it a try, $5.00 is really nothing, for some, the price of a fast food meal. Here's how it works: 1.Invest your $5.00 by writing your name and address on 5 separate pieces of paper along with the words "Please add me to your mailing list".(This way your are not just sending a dollar to someone you are actually paying for a service). 2.Get 5 One dollar bills along with 5 stamped envelopes. 3.Fold a dollar bill inside each piece of paper and mail them to the following: 1. JRE 1819 Chula Vista Dr. Belmont, CA 94002 USA 2. Sewana Kirby 6210 Vista Camino Houston, Tx 77083 3. K. Gill P.O. Box 1336 Alief, Tx 77411 4. C. Nokes 4659 w. 3145 so. WVC., Ut 84120 5. Sifter P.O. Box 1049 Waller, TX 77484 Now remove the top name from the list and move the other four names up.#5 becomes #4 and so on. Put your name as #5 on the list. Here's the work part (just a little when you know how).......... Post this article to at least 250-300 Newsgroups. There are at least 19,000 Newsgroups active at any one time. Try to post as many as possible,the more you post the more money you will make!!! But at least ***250*** that's a minimum to make it worth your while. 5.Now you are in business for yourself, and you should start seeing returns in about 7 to 14 days! Remember the Internet is huge and is getting bigger every day. There's NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE!!!!! Volume is the secret: Out of every block of 250 posts you get say just 5 responses,(most likely you will get more)you get $5 in cash,(not checks or money orders)cash. That's with your name at #5. Each person who sent you a buck now posts 250 articles with your name as #4,that's 1,250 postings. Say you get 50 responses. That's $50 bucks more to you. Next, these 50 people post 250 posts with you as #3, with 12,500 posts and a response of say 500. You get$500. Your name shifts to #2 and 500 people post 250 Newsgroups. that is 125,000 postings returning $5,000 to you. Finally your name moves into the #1 slot, 5,000 people post 250 posts, your return in cash works to around $60,000. before you are no longer on the list.(then just start over). The end result depends on you and what you are willing to put into it. Remember the more posts the more $$$$$$. It's too easy and too cheap to pass up. Millions of people surfing the web every day from all over the world. Who knows the amount of new surfers EVERY DAY!!!!! So! Friends, read and follow these simple instructions and play it straight, that's a must, and that's all there is to it. Print this article right now so you can refer to it at a later date if you wish. Remember to take the addresses of the people who send you a dollar and store them somewhere, use some of these addresses in your list of 5 addresses when you post the second time around. This way people are actually paying you for a service, to be added to your list, as opposed to just soliciting money. How to post to Newsgroups fast and easy: (Netscape 3.0 users) 1) Click on any newsgroup like normal, then click "to news" (the far left when your in the Newsgroups page).This will bring up a box to type a message in. 2) Type in a flashy eye catching message.("Need cash" or "big $$$ here!!!") 3) Tab once and you should be ready to type your message. Type this article in entirety, or copy and edit it as you will in your favorite text editor except, put your name at #5 and drop the #1 name from the list. Plus make any small changes as you deem fit. Essentially, Keep it the same. 4) When you are done typing the whole article, click on "file" in this box just above "send",then click on "save as". Save your article as a text file to your C: drive or A: drive DO NOT SEND OR POST YOUR ARTICLE UNTIL YOU'VE DONE THIS. 5) Once saved, you may send or post to this newsgroup now by just clicking "send" (right below "File" and right above Cc:). 6) Here's where you're going to post all 250. Click on any news group. Then click " TO NEWS" in the top left corner. Put a flashy message in the "Subject" box, hit "Tab" once and your in the body of the message. Click on "Attachments" below the "Subject" box. (You will have another box appear)Click "Attach File" then find the file you saved and click on it. click "open" then click "OK". If you did everything right you should see your file name in the "Attachments" box and it will be shaded. QUICK TIP: You can post to many Newsgroups at a time by selecting a newsgroup near the top of the screen, hold down the "Shift" key and then selecting a newsgroup near the bottom of the screen. All of the newsgroups in-between will also be selected. Internet Explorer Users: 1) Hold down the "Left" mouse button, highlight this article. 2) Press the "Ctrl" key and the "c" key at the same time to copy this article for your records, to have the names of those you will be sending $1 bills to. 3) Go to the Newsgroups and press "post an article". A window will open. 4) Type in your headline in the "subject" box and click in the large window below. 5) Press "Ctrl" and then "v" and the article will be placed in the window. If you want, edit the article, highlight, and copy it again. Now every time you want to post the article in a new newsgroup just click "Ctrl" and then "v" and press post. 6) That's it. Each time you do this, all you have to do is type in a different newsgroup. REMEMBER: 250 is the minimum. Thanks, and good luck to you all, a fellow partner