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1996-05-24 00:00:00 - Was there really a Tom Veil - (Trulie <twright@mail.accent.net>)

I'm getting forever confused with this Nowhere man, but don't get me wrong this why the show is so good. I have a new theory every week. I've been thinking of past shows and there was the one where Tom had a duplicate in a town he visited. He was killed at the end bringing phoney negatives to the oriental lady. So who was the guy who was killed the real Tom Veil? Did they give Gemini/Tom this guys identity thinking they'd never cross paths? Who was the the Tom who died if he wasn't the real Tom Veil? I guess Alyson is not really Gemini/Tom's wife? Or is she brainwashed too? So many questions to be answered. I really hope they change their minds on this cancellation. Anybody have any theories on these questions I pose. On another note does anyone in this group watch The Sentinel? I don't think it's as good as Nowhere man, but it's not bad. I hope they don't cancel it on me. I kind of liked Deadly Games it was corny, but I thought it was different and where's it now cancelled, but every show I like get's canned. It's so unfair. So if I didn't like Nowhere Man it would probably still me on the air. Sorry guys, I had to go like this show.