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1996-07-02 00:00:00 - oh god NO!!!! (Was:Re: La Femme Nikita: Surnow's new tv project.) - (jdupree@ix.netcom.com)

In <Pine.A32.3.92.960626124514.35460A-100000@srv1.freenet.calgary.ab.ca> "Eric H. Raeside" <raeside@freenet.calgary.ab.ca> writes: > > > > In the current edition of Cinescape(Arnold Schwarzenegger on >the cover) there is a an article devoted to JS' new project, La Femme Nikta. >LFN was of course a French film that was remade a few years back by >Hollywood. The USA version was called Point of No Return(?). > > JS also took a few unwarranted liberties comparing his new series >to that of Wiseguy. JS was involved with the recent tv film but was in no >way part of the original series that ran on CBS from 1987-1990. > > Eric > > > So he bundles his regrets into a gesture of sorrow > > JETHRO TULL > > NO! They can't bastardize that movie for TV!!!! Say it aint true!! People, go see this movie...the original, not the American remake (which wasn't bad - the original was better) and ask yourself if you want to see such a movie torn apart by TV..... -- ,,, (o-o) ==-=-=-=---.oOO--(_)--OOo.---=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-== Jean Dupree Spod Extraordinaire & Overall Silly Person http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/1073/ ==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-==