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1996-05-26 00:00:00 - Check out the Nowhere Man section at our NEW WEBSITE! - (DrGamer@gnn.com)

Check out the newest Sci-Fi web site at http://members.gnn.com/DrGamer/scifi.htm This is the ONLY website that covers all of science fiction - from television series to movies, from current news in the sci-fi world to original sci-fi short stories! Here���s a preview of what you���ll see- Nowhere Man - The series may be canceled but it will forever be a sci-fi cult favorite. Get exclusive information and reviews and tackle some of the questions and theories proposed! Hyperspace - In this section, you���ll see highlights on Michio Kaku���s best-selling book, Hyperspace, including the superstring theory, how time travel maybe possible, and escaping the inevitable death of the universe through higher dimensions. You will definitely perceive the universe in a new way! Menno���s Mind - See an exclusive preview of the upcoming movie Menno���s Mind starring Robert Picardo (The Doctor form ST Voyager) and Michael Dorn (Worf from ST: TNG and DS9). Cyber Imagery - Download the BEST sci-fi 3D rendered images that we have collected. There���s also a whole lot MORE so what do you���ve got to lose? Check it out and send any comments, suggestions, or submissions you might have at DrGamer@gnn.com. This web site is runned by college students and graduates but most importantly it can also be runned by YOU through your contribution! We are determined to bring you the BEST sci-fi web site on the Net! Dr. Gamer