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2002-08-13 20:52:49-07:00 - DVD good news & bad news - (todd at realeyz <todd@SPAMFREErealeyz.com>)

Hi, I have good news and bad news about the DVD project status. The good news is that I found a very cool MPEG2 encoder (much better than Apples) that will yield great image quality. I have done numerous tests with this encoder comparing it with Apples (the one I orginally intended to use) and its just obviously visually superior. Of course in my effort to make this collection the best that it can be, I want to use this encoder. The bad news is that this software encoder is somewhat new and in development for big improvements by the 4th quarter of this year. They promise much improved image quality and noise reduction features in the next major release to bring it all together. If it was only minor improvements, I wouldnt bother waiting, but since this looks like a significant improvement, I want to wait. I also will most likely have to buy it ($300) unless I can get on their beta program. - cheers - todd - Todd Siechen - RealEyz Imaging - www.realeyz.com - Reply by removing "SPAMFREE" from address