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2003-04-03 20:23:33+00:00 - Hey all - a newbie here..... - (Jimmie Harp <jimmie.harp@verizon.net>)

Hey!! I just sumbled in here on accident .......just thought I'd see if there WAS a newsgroup for this show...... Is there anyone here (I know there's some of you still posting!) who could help out with the trading of episodes? I know most of you probably have all the eps already, but I missd a few back in the day....I have plenty of other stuff for trade!! Someone help me out PLEASE!! I have been looking for these for a long time! The guy who used to run the festivals in Portland Oregon (My home, and I'm sure you know, where the show was predominately filmed!! :) ) screwed me on a trade deal. Probably why he hasn't had a fest in so long.... Anyway, I look forward to posting here more often, and if anyone could help me out with the missing eps I'd appreciate it!! Thanks, Jimmie