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1996-05-23 00:00:00 - Unresolved questions - (Chris Pappas <Galactic@ix.netcom.com>)

If Gemini was one of Robman's men, if Tom was Gemini, his appearance must have been altered since Robman didn't recognize him. Robman's tech. said that sleeves were added to one of the men in Tom's doctored photo. He "removed" the sleeve to show a WWII concentration camp tatoo that led Robman to identify the man as Senator Balkin. Why did he need to do this? He had the undoctored photo clearly identifing the senators in a safety deposit box. What did the Assistant Director mean by "You can't protect yourself anymore"? Did Tom submit himself to mind alteration as protection and now that's undone? If so, protection from what? It seems clear that "Gemini" is a Them project, they had many other constellation named projects. Was FBI agent code name Gemini named after the project, or was the project named after FBI agent code name Gemini? Chris