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2000-12-16 02:17:51+00:00 - Some updates... - (neowhere <neowhere@optonline.net>)

I have begun creating some discussion boards as my nowhere friend, "Catswalk" once suggested, if anyone is interested that is. :^) The first one on the agenda was for Nowhere Man (of course) and the others will be for Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, etc. Check out Nowhere Tropolis's discussion boards at this direct link: http://www.dominitech.com/tropolis/ntboards.htm And there's also some more good news - a lot more fans have been joining and the count is now up to 96 'citizens of nowhere'. That's pretty good considering I thought it was coming to a dead halt around 50. Good work in helping to keep Nowhere Man Alive! neowhere http://www.dominitech.com/tropolis.htm