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1996-05-31 00:00:00 - Anyone got final episode? - (kloberle@mc4adm.uwaterloo.ca)

Howdy! Up here in Canada, UPN has yet to establish a presence, so all the UPN programs are shown on affiliates. Except that on May20th, the station we usually watch Nowhere Man on preempted it with the two hour Melrose Place finale instead. So we didn't get to see the Gemini episode, period. If you have the NWM finale episode on tape, and are willing to make some sort of arrangement, please email me to let me know. Thanks. PS. Still hoping NWM will get resurrected by UPN or sold to some other network! Kevin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information Systems and Technology, UofWaterloo kloberle@mc4adm.UWaterloo.ca