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1996-09-25 00:00:00 - WRITERS NEEDED FOR TV ZINE! - (Kim Spears <klspears@hiwaay.net>)

A friend and I are preparing to distribute the first issue of The Review, an email and online 'zine devoted to all things related to television. We are still in need of writers! These would be volunteer positions because, as of now, this is a freely distriubted (meaning "not-for-profit") 'zine. If you are interested in writing for The Review, please email me ASAP with your inquiry. The first issue of The Review is due out October 1st! If you don't want to write for The Review but would like to receive a copy of the best new source for television info on the web, send email to klspears@hiwaay.net with subject SUBSCRIBE and your name and email address as the body of the message. Kimberly Spears Co-editor, The Review