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1998-08-20 00:00:00 - The Revelations of Becka Paulson ??? - (Thomas Salay <st@okay.net>)

Hi, they just aired the episode mentioned above and they (TV Guide) said it was based on a Stephen King short-story. I wasn���t quick enough to see the part of the movie where it said so. Does anybody know what short-story it���s supposed to be based on. In my opinon (and if I���m not wrong) there are a lot of similarities with a certain character in ���Tommyknockers...especially when it comes to the talking pic (in the book it was Jesus on the cross if I recall that right) and the tampered TV set. Thanks in advance for your help, Thomas

1998-08-20 00:00:00 - Re: The Revelations of Becka Paulson ??? - (stoodin101@aol.com)

>Does anybody know what short-story it�s supposed to be based on. It's based on the story of the same title. Evidently King used the same plot as a portion of TOMMYKNOCKERS. In my opinion that is the single worst episode anything called The Outer Limits has ever aired. But it has its fans, nonetheless.... "Thereafter I heard Zann every night, and although he kept me awake, I was haunted by the weirdness of his music." --- H.P. Lovecraft, _The Music of Erich Zann_