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2005-02-18 13:16:01-05:00 - V Damned genius, this is. AND NO DAMNED LANTREE IS INVOLVED‹ EITHER! - (BillV2320@webtv.net)

V Damned genius, this is. AND NO DAMNED LANTREE IS INVOLVED=8B EITHER! Group: alt.final.conflict Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2005, 3:26pm From: BillV2320@webtv.net (The=A0Saltex=A0Brujo) V Damned genius, this is. AND NO DAMNED LANTREE IS INVOLVED=8B EITHER! T a l e s o f K E T ' O C E L W H I T E ! The tales of the M.P.D.S (Most Puissant Dominion Ship) KET'OCEL WHITE began, of course, with it's odd origins. It was built at Utopia Planitia shipyards: the main Starfleet shipyards. And her name was, in those days, U.S.S ENTERPRISE. The famous NCC-1701D. After a seven year life the "Booby D" was totalled on Kirk's World in the Veridian system. The primary saucer section was salvaged by an insurgent Dominion Retrieval Squad (the famous Xhalax Regiment) and brought to Cardassia Prime for intelligence purposes. And to be rebuilt as the Dominions prime propaganda weapon. Such a treasure trove of information could not go unheeded for long. Top Spoonhead and Vorta computer experts sought to reconstruct the data base. But the erasure of the computers by the initial Federation salvage team had been thorough. All according to Starfleet protocol. As if that was thorough enough when dealing with the Dominion! Soon, using something called an "Underspace Meta-Chronal Isolinear PurgeTrace Reconstructor", they had the Federation flagship's entire database reconstructed! Woe betide the Alpha Quadrant. ???But that database turned out to be no as useful as the Dominion had thought. Such things as command codes and other security protocols had been changed and upgraded since the onset of hostilities. Much of the information the Spoonheads already knew, though the crew manifests did much to fill in Dominion profiles of Starfleet personnel. Some of the shameful acts of old Cueball, as the Cardassians liked to term Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, that were locked away in the ENTERPRISE database (as it had been his ship) were of much mirth to the Cardassians, but the Vorta didn't get it. The Jem'Hadar didn't care... The Guls got lots of interesting holodeck programs to defile. The ones found in Commander Riker's file on Risa were especially popular. So now they have a moderately damaged Galaxy-class primary hull sitting in a top secret spacedock orbiting Cardassia Prime. What to do with it now? Have it melted down and salvaged, the Spoonheads say in their usual shortsightedness. Not so fast says the Founders. We gots us an idea. ??????Only those odious devils, the Changelings, could have thought of it! The masters of disguise had come up with a plan to sow seeds of confusion and to sink Star Fleet morale to new low depths. "We notice", the Supreme Changeling of the Alpha Quadrant said "that in one of your prisons is a human named Thomas William Riker." One of the Guls frowned and said "He's barely alive. Gul Madred hasn't been too kind to him." The other Spoonheads chuckled knowingly. Madred was infamous even among these galactic sadists. "But Dr. Moset is there, keeping him alive." The smooth features of the shape shifter betrayed no emotion, but "her" eyes glinted with a sharpness of pure jevinite. "You had better make sure he IS alive, and from this moment, safe. If he is not, your entire race will suffer the consequences." The Spoonies looked at each other. The Jem'hadar present stood indifferent and seemingly unheeding, but at a signal from a Founder they would do ANYTHING they said. And the number of Jem'hadar in Cardassian space grew daily..."If we had known you had some plan for him..." A gul stammered. The Changeling did "her" best to smile "We have only now made our intentions clear. We want this 'T.W. Riker' brought to Base One at once. We want any physical and/or mental duress discontinued at once." The Spoonies whipped out curt orders and breathed a sigh of relief. "Turning to other orders of business", the changeling said, "What news of the ENTERPRISE hull?" The Spoonie in charge of the orbital facility said, " We have gleaned all the useful information in their computer core, and were about to have the hulk salvaged when your...request for a delay stopped us." The changeling shook "her" head. "You Cardassians are such an impulsive, short sighted people. Hopefully, your inclusion in the Dominion will teach you some resourcefulness and initiative.Otherwise we may have to relegate you to record keepers and VERY minor functionaries." The Cardassians looked uneasily about them; the Jem'hadar were as unflappable as ever, but the Vorta seemed to have a humorous glint in their normally unreadable blue eyes. "Well, we hope to learn from our Dominion allies some of their wisdom." A gul said carefully. The moment passed and the changeling said, "You do well to. Now, we want the primary hull of NCC-1701D also transferred to Base One, and also request technical personnel who know alot about Starfleet and Federation starship production and related fields. We also need for you to go through your inventories of salvaged parts..."