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1997-10-11 00:00:00 - ON OUTER LIMITS: 10/12-10/19 - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

THE OUTER LIMITS, on Showtime cable, every Sunday night at 10:30pm est. Sun. (10/12) "Quality of Mercy" Another first season repeat tonight. Captured during an intergalactic war with an alien race, a soldier is put in a cell with a female cadet pow. A cadet who is slowly being transformed from human to alien. Or so it would appear. Heh heh. Stars Robert Patrick (T2) THE OUTER LIMITS, syndicated series, check local listings for day & time. For the week of Oct. 13 to 19 . . . "The Camp" An OL milestone this one, the 50th ep.! (The original OL ran for 49 eps.) For many generations mankind has lived in concentration-type camps, imprisoned by the human collaborators of a conquering alien race. One woman dares to challenge the authority of her superior and learns the god awful truth about the collaborators. I'd tell you what it is but it's just too awful to repeat here. Oh, the humanity! ___________________________________________________________________________