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1997-11-22 00:00:00 - ON VIDEO: The Galaxy Being - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

This is the first, in a series, overviewing episodes available on videotape. All from the original series. The Outer Limits - THE GALAXY BEING Produced by Joseph Stefano Written & Directed by Leslie Stevens Director of Photography: John Nickolaus Guest Cast: Cliff Robertson, Jacqueline Scott, William O. Douglas Jr. Synopsis: A radio engineer experiments with a 3-D television receiver, tuning into an energy being from the Andromeda Galaxy. The being, itself a curious explorer-type, gets pulled through & dumped onto our planet. It decides to take a look-see around, following the advice it gives to the engineer - "explore... reach out... give thought to the mysteries of the Universe." Our military is having none of that, however, deciding to follow another credo...."kill, kill, kill...." Running time: 52 minutes cost: $9.95