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2001-02-25 23:25:16+00:00 - Old Outer Limits Question? - (cyberhawk <cyberhawk0@earthlink.net>)

I just recently started collecting the old 60's episodes on VHS. Now, about 10 years ago i rented some of the episodes at the local video store, and i remember seeing at the end of each episode - during the end credits - they showed a collection of clips of the monsters from various episodes(it was really cool). Specifically remember the last monster they showed was the Antheon creature from "Counterweight". But on the tapes that i purchased - it's not on there, it's just a bunch of shots of outer space backgrounds. So was there different generations of these tapes made with different ending credits, maybe a switch over from who produced the tapes? I miss that sequence, seeing all the monsters back to back holds dear memories for me. cyberhawk