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1999-08-16 00:00:00 - VIDEO WATCHDOG #53 - THE RATS ARE COMING! THE INCUBUS IS HERE! - (John Charles <john.charles2@sympatico.ca>)

DARK GOD RISING: LESLIE STEVENS' INCUBUS OUTER LIMITS authority David J. Schow profiles the long-lost, newly-recovered final production of Daystar: INCUBUS -- an expressionistic horror film, spoken entirely in Esperanto, starring William Shatner! RAISING THE INCUBUS Tom Weaver interviews INCUBUS producer Anthony M. Taylor about the production, loss and restoration of his film, as well as the "curse" overhanging its cast! ANDY MILLIGAN: HORROR'S UNWANTED WEIRDO In Part Two of this "Tapes from the Attic" retrospective, Tim Lucas covers the films of Milligan's most notorious era, including TORTURE DUNGEON, BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS, THE MAN WITH TWO HEADS and THE RATS ARE COMING! THE WEREWOLVES ARE HERE! VHS/LD/DVD REVIEWS Tim Lucas, John Charles, Scott Grantham, Darren Gross, Walter Marcus and Rebecca & Sam Umland review THE ALIEN LEGACY (boxed set of ALIEN series), THE AVENGERS '67 SETS 2 & 3, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BLACKSNAKE!, Ulli Lommel's THE BOOGEY MAN, Rondo Hatton in THE BRUTE MAN, CHERRY HARRY & RAQUEL!, CITY HUNTER, COMPUTER ANIMATION CELEBRATION, THE DEVIL RIDES OUT on DVD, THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR, Cirio H. Santiago's EBONY IVORY & JADE, THE FACULTY, FRANKENSTEIN on DVD, GODS AND MONSTERS, George Pal's production of THE GREAT RUPERT, JACKIE CHAN: MY STORY, JACKIE CHAN: MY STUNTS, JACKIE CHAN'S WHO AM I?, MAN WANTED, MONTY PYTHON'S THE LIFE OF BRIAN, MR. NICE GUY, Jean Rollin's NIGHT OF THE HUNTED, 1941, PROJECT A II, PSYCHO (1998), RUSS MEYER'S UP!, Jack Hill's THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, UNKNOWN ISLAND and THE WICKED CITY! AUDIO WATCHDOG Douglas E. Winter on the restored soundtrack of Ennio Morricone's masterpiece, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST! BIBLIO WATCHDOG Richard Harland Smith reviews SAUCER MOVIES: A UFO-LOGICAL HISTORY OF THE CINEMA and two books in the BFI Film Classics series, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and BLADE RUNNER! Available early September! Visit Our Website: http://www.cinemaweb.com/videowd/