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1998-10-12 00:00:00 - Let's discuss about this ep--"Fear Itself" - (richmonder@hotmail.com)

<font face=times new roman>Fear Itself starred AYRE GROSS with TANYA ALLEN. Aired in Showtimes and Canadian TV canal, Global. It's about a man haunted by the death of his sister is afflicted by a paralyzing fear.<p></font> Okay... I don't really love this episode because there're many violent scenes in it. First, the bully called Lisa whore and tried to ... Second, and the one I hate most, Bernard's little sister was raped by the church father. I didn't get that until the show almost end. Bernard heard Mimi's screaming, and he saw Mimi dead and the priest burned her sister. That is so inhuman. I like a happy story. <h1><font face=arial>:-(</font></h1> -**** Posted from Supernews, Discussions Start Here(tm) ****- http://www.supernews.com/ - Host to the World's Discussions & Usenet

1998-10-13 00:00:00 - Re: Let's discuss about this ep--"Fear Itself" - (stoodin101@aol.com)

>I like a happy story. > Sheesh! Well, this show is probably not for you. THough there are happy endings about as often as there are dark ones. I found FEAR ITSELF to be very tedious and derivative of a million other stories in a dozen media including TeeVee. While it was brutal, it was never scary, which is a huge downfall for an ep titled FEAR ITSELF. Quite a step down from Egan's classic SECOND THOUGHTS, which was tense, nightmarish, and generally far more Outer Limits than this dreary dud. . I don't remember who directed FEAR ITSELF, but I remember that I wasn't any too impressed. The guy who plays the thankless role of the Priest had a much more interesting turn in the second season ep BEYOND THE VEIL. Now there was an Outer Limits story. But FEAR ITSELF could have come from the old Twilight Zone, a show that I consider EXTREMELY overrated. "It is said that Music is a universal language, crossing the barriers of culture, age, and language. Perhaps, eventually, we will learn that it also spans those of time... and space."