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1999-01-01 00:00:00 - [ANNOUNCE] GEOS 99 is here! - (sentient@iinet.net.au)

The Global Episode Opinion Survey is pleased to announce the launch of GEOS 99! http://www.swd.net.au/geos/index.html Nearly 6 months of planning, development and testing has resulted in a significantly improved web site, with dozens of minor - as well as a few major - new features, improvements, overhauls and tweaks. The aim was to build upon the popular GEOS 98 web site, adding a number of new features, improving a few favourites, and generally increasing the user-friendliness of the site itself. We think we have achieved that. So visit the website and see for yourself! If you are not yet registered with GEOS, visit the Survey Central page for all the information you need: http://www.swd.net.au/geos/survey/index.html Registration is free, and is not required to visit the site, only for participation in the survey. Best wishes for the new year! Ian and Brian GEOS Co-Maintainers http://www.swd.net.au/geos/index.html