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2000-10-20 00:00:00 - Question about OL's episodes length - (David Mitz <dmitz@cybercable.fr>)

Hi everyone, According to what I've read here and there, Outer Limits episodes are designed as 44 minutes long segments. But my question is : do they _always_ have to last 44 minutes ? My problem is that I've been typing episodes for a few years and so far, most of those I taped lasted between 38' and 42 minutes without commercials. Do I have to worry about that ? I especially wonder if they've been cut for french market. It seems rather improbable though : most episodes with explicit sex scenes such as Bits Of Love do have extensive sex scenes, and bloody scenes are pretty common as well, in The Vaccine for example, which lasted 42 minutes... - David. -- "La premi�re preuve de l'ignorance, c'est de pr�sumer que l'on sait." Baltasar Graci�n.

2000-10-21 02:16:26+00:00 - Re: Question about OL's episodes length - (bbigmark@aol.com)

David, As an avid fan and collector, the anser is yes. As far as I can tell most episodes are 44 minutes long. Would like to here from you and find out some of your favorite episodes. Big Mark