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1998-03-17 00:00:00 - Outer Limits Expeditions - (Tom <mcaferty@istar.ca>)

Outer Limits Expeditions Welcome to one of the world's most incredible back-country safari companies...Outer Limits Expeditions... 1998 Season! Yeah! Outer Limits Expeditions is offering adventurers five spectacular guided 4x4 tours through some of Canada's most rugged terrain. Our See BC tour is a true expedition, you and a partner could drive one of our Jeeps(tm) through herds of cattle in cowboy country, across rushing rivers, along lush alpine plateaus and glacier fields and to the edges of coastal mountain ranges. You could follow the seasonal trails of the Chilcotin, Nemiah and the coastal Indians and later pioneers as in our See BC tour. You could drive All-Terrain-Vehicles along glaciers, ride in open speedboats and spend nights relaxing in a majestic oceanside inn. Participants may choose to canoe, explore further trails on an A.T.V. or soak in natural hot springs. Enjoy a bird's eye view as a bush-plane flies you over the snow-capped Coastal Mountains back to the sights of cosmopolitan Vancouver. Experience West Coast gourmet cuisine prepared daily by our own chef. See bears, bald eagles, caribou, elk and other wildlife as you challenge yourself in the unspoiled wilderness of Canada's Pacific coast. Costs and How to Contact Outer Limits The See BC Tour (described above) cost, including all transportation from and back to Vancouver, all food, beverages, and accommodation is CDN$2995 (approx. US$2100) Visa and Master Card Accepted. For further details on this trip please contact us by e-mail, or by phone at 1-604-872-JEEP. � Outer Limits Expeditions Ltd. can also do custom tours and day trips starting as low as CDN$195 for our Indian Arm tour , beginning and ending in Vancouver, BC! Or for few dollars more, visits the hot springs of Sloquet Creek! The more adventurous can try our Whipsaw Creek Tour north of Manning Park. For those interested in the magnificent beauty of Vancouver Island our Treasure Island Tour will never let you forget it! Please click on the highlighted text in this paragraph or use this form to send your inquiries to Outer Limits Expeditions Ltd. with the details (i.e.: Do you want to go to hot springs, what is your desired level of difficulty*, what time of year will you be travelling...)and budget of your adventure. To book your tour with Outer Limits Expeditions Ltd. ,or for more information on booking your entire holiday including airfare and accommodations, call us at 1.604.872.JEEP even by fax at 1.604.253.7765 or you can... E-Mail Outer Limits!! Visit our picture gallery!