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1998-05-19 00:00:00 - [CFV] The Outer Limits, Episode 056 (18-May-98) - (GEOS <geos-cfv@BLOCK.net.au>)

The Outer Limits: "Dead Man's Switch". Broadcast on 18-May-98 in the United States. "A loner is one of four chosen to man the controls of a doomsday device set up by world leaders after spaceships were spotted heading towards Earth. The weapon is designed as a last-line deterrent against alien invasion. Their job is to hit a switch that prevents the device from going off and destroying aliens and mankind alike." ------ This is an automated news posting from GEOS: The Global Episode Opinion Survey. The episode listed above was recently broadcast in the United States. GEOS is now calling for submissions from REGISTERED voters to rate this episode. Full details on how to vote are available from the GEOS website: <http://www.swd.net.au/geos/survey/index.html> How to use the voting form below: --------------------------------- 1. Replace the word "BLOCK" in the return email address with "swd". 2. Replies MUST be addressed to <geos-cfv@swd.net.au>. 3. Replies MUST have the word "CFV" in the SUBJECT line. 4. HTML tags in email messages will invalidate the submission! 5. Edit the fields using the information supplied to GEOS, for example: Smith:Jane:1046:tol:056:6.8. --- Delete Down to Here in Your Reply ------------------------ YourLastname:YourFirstname:YourPIN:tol:056:YourScore.