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L.EGAL C.A.B.L.E TV DE-S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E.R Want to watch Sporting Events?--Movies?--Pay-Per-View?? *This is the Famous R-O Shack TV D.e.s.c.r.a.m.b.l.e.r You can assemble it from R,a,d,i,o S,h,a,c,k parts for about $12 to $15. We Send You: 1, E-Z To follow Assembly Instructions. 2. E-Z To read Original Drawings. 3. Total Parts List. **** PLUS SOMETHING NEW YOU MUST HAVE! **** Something you can't do without. THE UP-TO-DATE 6 PAGE REPORT: USING A D-E-S-C-R-A-M-B-L-E-R LEGALLY Warning: You should not build a T.V D.e.s.c.r.a.m.b.l.e.r without reading this report first. Frequently Asked Questions--CABLE TV DESCRAMBLER Q: Will the d.e.s.c.r.a.m.b.l.e.r work on Fiber, TCI, Jarrod and satellite systems? A: The answer is YES. In respect to satellite, you just get more stuff! There is one exception: The descrambler will not work with DSS satellite. Q: Do I need a converter box? A: This plan works with or without a converter box. Specific instructions are included in the plans for each! Q: Can the cable company detect that I have the d*e*s*c*r*a*m*b*l*e*r? A: No, the signal descrambles right at the box and does not move back through the line! Q: Do I have to alter my existing c-a-b-l-e system, television or VCR? A: The answer is no! Q: Does this work with my remote control? A: The answer is yes. The descrambler is manually controlled--but very easy to use! Q: Can you email me the plans? A: No the program comes with an easy to follow picture guide. Q: Does this work everywhere across the country? A: Yes, everywhere in the USA plus England, Brazil, Canada and other countries! Q: Is this deal guaranteed? A: Yes, if you are unhappy for any reason we will refund your money. Q: When I order, when will I get my package? A: We mail out all orders within 24 hours of receiving them. You get the complete 6 page report "Using a D-e-s-c-r-a-m-b-l-e-r LEGALLY", the instruction plans and theeasy to follow diagram all for just--$10.00 Fill out form below and send it, along with your $10.00 payment to: C-a-b-l-e-F-R-E-E-TV 1340 East Vine Str #218 Kissimmee Fl 34744 (Cash, Check or Money Order.) (Florida residents include 7% Florida State Sales Tax) (All orders outside the U.S.A. add $5.00) PRINT YOUR: NAME______________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP____________________________________________ E-MAIl ADDRESS____________________________________________ We are NOT ASSOCIATED in any way with R-A-D-I-O S-H-A-C-K. 4rwerwer24534ty5tgertrwetertertretrtre 3r345345345435435345435345435 ygery35346346yhryhdtryeryteryery56345634534 5635y45hyy45y45y45yery454545y45y45y45y45y45y45rtytrytry 56y5465464564565637u56eu56erue56rtueyruytuytuty pvtjxtxooitpyzfxmgludpumdvnheqvlluotiwmtbqmbthnrvhcifi