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1998-11-16 00:00:00 - new sci fi clips on my home pages - (whoknows@vision.net.au)

New MPGs have been posted to my home pages. They are brand new clips, never posted before. The files will be available till approximately Saturday 28/11/98. Let me know what you think. The new clips are - Babylon 5 - A shadow ship digs a second ship from the sands of Mars. (Messages From Earth) 3.03 meg. DOCTOR WHO - The Doctor and the Vicar are attacked by Haemovores (Curse Of Fenric). 1.03 meg. DOCTOR WHO - Ace meets some Haemovores at the bottom of her ladder (Curse Of Fenric). 1.70 meg. DOCTOR WHO - Count Scarlioni tells Countess Scarlioni nobody could be that stupid (City Of Death). 2.02 meg. DOCTOR WHO - The krynoid breaks the ropes holding it to the bed (Seeds Of Doom). 2.27 meg. DOCTOR WHO - The cybermen blow in the door to the bridge (Earthshock). 2.36 meg. DOCTOR WHO - Sarah discovers the Doctor about to become compost (Seeds Of Doom). 2.20 meg. Shane http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Labyrinth/1277 http://members.tripod.com/~whoknows_3 "EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW IS WRONG"