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1998-05-10 00:00:00 - Episode Guides - (Rob <buzzoon@autobahn.mb.ca>)

Does anybody know where I can get an episode guide or list for Season 4? Being a Canadian, those idiots at Showtime won't let me access their web site!! Thanks Rob

1998-05-10 00:00:00 - Re: 4th Season Episode Guide - (jstrongbow@aol.com)

Here's what I know: Criminal Nature: genetically enhanced children commit terrorism; (so-so) The Hunt:sportsmen hunt androids (a great episode) Relativity Theory: military team really blows it (great twist ending) (really cool alien costumes & make-up) Josh: higher evolved alien evades reporter and military(good) Glyphic: (strange episode) alien artifact : evil or good? ironic ending. Identity Crisis: Lou Diamond Phillips becomes android Vaccine: doomsday virus: great episode Fear Itself: man's brain treated for childhood trauma's becomes capable of projecting fear (very good ep) The Joining: alien life forms on Venus mesh with human,creating bizarre outcome To Tell The Truth: discredited scientist 'Cries Wolf' and no one believes him. But they should. Mary 25 (to be shown last week of May)(nothing known at this point) try: http://www.peak.org/~lorenr/olimits/guides/olepg4.htm