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2005-04-08 21:42:49+00:00 - Gatecon Multi-Fandom Convention - (Sekh <sekhs_party@bueyonder.co.uk>)

40+ Stars Appearing At Gatecon 2005! Gatecon is a multi-fandom convention being held from 26th to 31st July 2005 in Vancouver, Canada. With over 40 guests from many of the most popular TV shows and movies around, this is sure to be the convention of a lifetime! Gatecon is a fan-run convention that has raised more than $150,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and proceeds from charity auctions and other events will also add to the total this year. In addition to the incredible guest list, other highlights include: a.. An unparalleled opportunity for budding screenwriters - Asgaard Entertainment will be accepting submissions of completed scripts for consideration. b.. An acting workshop with the talented comedian and actor Gary Jones. c.. A writer's workshop including character development with actor / writer Jason Schombing. d.. Location tours - known as "Hollywood North", Vancouver has one of the busiest film and television industries in North America and the tours will allow you to visit filming locations from your favourite shows and films. For further information about the convention & the full guest list, please visit www.gatecon.com Apologies for cross-posting, but due to our extensive & cross fandom line-up we want to get to as many folks as possible. Sekh's Party Is Back! Sekh's Party will be returning to Vancouver this year in conjunction with Gatecon. Starting out six years ago as a get-together for a few friends who were attending the convention, SP has subsequently grown into a major event in it's own right. Sekh's Party 6 will take place on Thursday 28th July at the Gatecon convention hotel in Vancouver - with thanks to Gatecon for allowing SP to take over one of their evenings. With guests attending from many of your favourite shows and a full evening of entertainment planned, the party is now a must for all attendees! Jr Bourne & Colin Cunningham will be attending the party (subject to work commitments) and further guest announcements will be made in the run up to the event. This will also be the fifth anniversary of supporting the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and to date SP has raised more than $104,000. This year there will be a charity raffle and auction along with other fundraising events during the convention. For full details of Sekh's Party 6, please visit www.sekhs-party.com