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1998-02-18 00:00:00 - In ANother Life & Double Helix - (jstrongbow@aol.com)

A great episode! In ANother Life is a tuly fine example of Outer Limits at its best. Despite an implausible concept: ie, multiple versions of yourself in alternate universes.., but then again, this life is implausible as well. It's just one gets a little tired with the attitude "I am the most important person in the world" concept, and "Everything hinges on me!" Although this solipsistic approach has a degree of validity, it gets pretty boring, epseically when one sees it in so many other's eyes. Great episode! As for Double Helix...I really liked it. They had me fooled, right from the start. They presented your typical brilliant SOB who you loved to hate, and then finally, instead of killing him in the gruesome and expected way, ie, mutation or monstration, and so on, they make him human and send him off into the stars searching for ultimate truth. The whole racist question seemed doofy to me. Good story though, and I was pleased with the ending. But "In Another Life", was miles above it in terms of plot and implications! Bravo! Especially good considering last week's fiasco "Hearts And Minds" where the acting was so unbelievable it ruinated the story. One other thing though, why is there so much banal spam on this newsgroup. I tune in to listen to other's remarks about the outer Limits, not about some whore who wants to get fucked or have someone toilet train her!

1998-02-18 00:00:00 - Re: In ANother Life & Double Helix - (stoodin101@aol.com)

>A great episode! In ANother Life is a tuly fine example of Outer Limits at >its >best. Good thing I had the Showtime Online info as to when this would air (midnight-twenty), as none of the local TV logs, nor the Prevue Channel or whatever its called bothered to LIST it. And it is a great ep. Eastman's direction during the climax reminded me of the way Goldstone filmed the climax of THE SIXTH FINGER all those years ago.... NECRONOMICON, all-instrumental electronic music inspired by H.P.Lovecraft, now available on c-60 cassette. E-mail StoOdin101@aol.com for details.