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1997-08-29 00:00:00 - Last Day for OUTER LIMITS on TNT - (djkst35+@pitt.edu)

Unfortunately, today is the last day for the original "Outer Limits" on TNT. Thanks to TNT for airing all 49 episodes of the "Outer Limits" this summer, which ends today at noon ET with "Don't Open Till Doomsaday". Although it would have been nice if they would have aired the rerun cycle ATLEAST twice (look at how many times they air that stupid "Gilligan's Island"!). According to the chief programmer at TNT, Dean Treadway, the next "Outer Limits" marathon will not be until mid-1998! Sigh. -------------------==== Posted via Deja News ====----------------------- http://www.dejanews.com/ Search, Read, Post to Usenet