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1997-09-07 00:00:00 - THIS WEEK ON OUTER LIMITS: 9/8-9/13 - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

The premium cable channel SHOWTIME shows the nOL on Sunday nights, but NO EPISODE will be run this week. Next ep. will air on 9/14, check here next Sunday AM for details. THE OUTER LIMITS, syndicated. Check local listings for day & time. Episode for the week of Sept. 8 to 13... "Paradise" In a small tight-knit community the sheriff and town doctor have two mysteries on their hands. First, three healthy young women suddenly advance to old age and die within hours. Then, several senior citizens vanish. Gee, you think the two events are connected? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE OUTER LIMITS, original series. For anyone who has been locked in a closet, TNT concluded its "summer marathon" showing of the original 60s series a week ago last Friday. It will return, according to TNT spokespeople, for a short marathon of some sort around the middle of 1998. I guess its a LITTLE early to start the letter writing campaign to say, "When you bring it back in mid-98 add it to the permanent schedule, not as a marathon, even if its only a weekly late-night showing." So I won't mention it again until at least the end of this year. --------------------------------------------------------------------------