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2002-06-04 02:54:18+00:00 - New Series Coming To DVD - (Goober <goober@nosuch.org>)

Two DVDs of episodes from the new series are scheduled for release in September!!! Here are the details as best as I can find... The Outer Limits: Sex & Science Fiction Collection Caught in the Act: A woman's "close encounter" leaves her with an insatiable lust. With Alyssa Milano Bits of Love: The sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust gets some computer-generated companionship. With Natasha Henstridge Valerie 13: A robot whose emotions become all-too-human. With Sofia Shinas The Human Operators: A man who's lived his life onboard a mysterious spaceship meets his female counterpart. With Jack Noseworthy and Polly Shannon Skin Deep: A nerd becomes a ladies man via a high-tech "image enhancer". With Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Adam Goldberg Flower Child: An alien plant becomes a deadly and seductive. With Jud Taylor Total Runtime 264 min. Full Frame Color Soundtrack: English, Dolby Digital mono Available: 09/03/2002 SRP $14.99 The Outer Limits: Time Travel & Infinity Collection A Stitch in Time: A scientist sets out to stop crimes before they're committed, with disastrous results. With Michelle Forbes and Amanda Plummer Tribunal: A Holocaust survivor's son receives some unusual help to bring a Nazi war criminal to justice. With Saul Runinek and Jan Rubes Gettysburg: Civil War re-enactors are sent back to 1863. Time to Time: A woman picked to join a time-travel experiment attempts to prevent her father's death. With Kristin Lehman Deja Vu: A scientist trapped in a time loop. With Kevin Nealon and Ronny Cox Patient Zero" A man goes to the past to kill the future carrier of a lethal plague. With Michael Rooker Total Runtime 264 min. Full Frame Color Soundtrack: English, Dolby Digital mono Featurettes Available: 09/03/2002 SRP $14.99 It appears that the "Time Travel & Infinity Collection" has some "bonus" material. (The "Featurettes"). I hope this is only the start of a complete release of BOTH series on DVD