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2003-01-09 21:58:21-08:00 - Star Crossed: Please Help. - (adt_huey@yahoo.com)

I'm sorry to intrude here, please accept my apology. I am hunting this episode of Season 5 of The new Outer Limits. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that was willing to sell me a copy of Star Crossed. It has been mentioned several times on the Firefly board (Nathan Fillion is one of the stars in the mentioned episode of Outer Limits) and I would love to see it. If anyone is willing or could be able to help me or direct me as to where I could get it, I would be grateful. I say that because someone directed me here to find help. Again thank you so much, -Amanda T. adt_huey@yahoo.com

2003-01-10 19:09:30-08:00 - Re: Star Crossed: Please Help. - (adt_huey@yahoo.com)

To anyone who read, I found someone willing to send the episode. Thank you all so much. -Amanda :o)