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1998-07-11 00:00:00 - MONSTER - (stoodin101@aol.com)

This week's OL, by Chris Ruppenthal, proved to be a little too mired in the past to be top-of-the-line. Ruppenthal wrote JOSH, in which he brought new life to a well-worn idea, but in MONSTER he hews way too close to the obvious progenitors of the ep, FORBIDDEN PLANET and the Original OL ep THE MAN WITH THE POWER. Some telekinetic CIA operatives accidentally generate The Monster From The Id. It didn't hold me, but on the other hand, my 15-year-old nephew, who has never sat through FORBIDDEN PLANET and has never seen MAN WITH THE POWER, seemed to enjoy it, so maybe it will do for his generation what those old shows did for mine. "Thereafter I heard Zann every night, and although he kept me awake, I was haunted by the weirdness of his music." --- H.P. Lovecraft, _The Music of Erich Zann_