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1999-12-29 00:00:00 - 'The Man Who Never Was' - (RichPgh@webtv.net)

Hi guys! I just discovered this group, being a fan of the original series from when it was first broadcast. (I'm so old!) I was just wondering if someone knew the text of the haunting prologue/epilogue to the above episode, or where I could find out that info? THANKS!

1999-12-29 00:00:00 - Re: 'The Man Who Never Was' - (stoodin101@aol.com)

The title is THE MAN WHO WAS NEVER BORN. The title you have is the title of an old spy movie. The Control Voice says: Here in the bright clustered loneliness of the billion, billion stars, loneliness can be an exciting, voluntary thing, unlike the loneliness Man suffers on Earth. Here, deep in the starry nowhere, a man can be as one with space and time; preoccupied yet not indifferent, anxious and yet at peace. His name is Joseph Reardon. He is, in this present year, 30 years old. This is the first time he has made this journey alone. And then it says: It is said that if you move a single pebble on the beach, you set up a different pattern, and everything in the world is changed. It can also be said that love can change the future, if it is deep enough, true enough, and selfless enough. It can prevent a war, prohibit a plague, keep the whole world...whole. "What makes possible the writing of good music, beyond that talent for handling sound that is required for being a musician at all, is emotional sincerity and intellectual honesty." ---- Virgil Thomson; "The Art of Judging Music"