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1998-08-08 00:00:00 - The Sarcophagus - (jstrongbow@aol.com)

I always complain about people bitching and griping on these newsgroups, so I won't do it, although, I will say that I was expecting a lot more from last night's new episode. I felt the surprise ending was lame and sort of tagged on. Why would they be hero's when the alien archaeologist was dead. I mean, HE was the hero, for saving their lives. And why did he do it anyway? I just thought they left so many loose threads hanging that the ending wasn't believable. Also, the Picardo character was such a cliche.. Why is it on every archeological dig there 's always this sleazeball trying to sell-out to a corporation? That character has been nailed into the ground as far as I'm concerned, and there isn't anything fresh there. She should have canned the little fucker when he first mentioned the corporate powers. Anyway, I hope they do better next time. I guess if you're going to redo an original episode of Outer Limits, you might as well go for the gold, and Nightmare, is certainly one of the best of the original episodes . Out Limits is still the best 43 minutes on TV, but The Sarcophagus I would rate only 2 stars, mostly due to the story and writing. They had a lot of good elements there, but didn't seem to skillfully blend them so they made something more than mud pie.