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2003-09-13 19:24:57+00:00 - First Time Newsgroups User - (Joe De Nicola <joedenicola@hotmail.com>)

How do I see the available messages?

2003-09-14 05:28:41+00:00 - Re: First Time Newsgroups User - (John Turco <jtur@concentric.net>)

Joe De Nicola wrote: > > How do I see the available messages? Hello, Joe: What's your newsreader? Mine is Netscape Communicator 4.8, and under the "File" menu, I click the "Subscribe" command. Then, I check the groups I want, and the messages load in them; click on an article, and it displays. Below "View," go to "Messages" and select "Unread." That will display all of the "available messages," in subject "threads." Regardless of the program you use, read its "Help" menu, for further information. Good luck! Cordially, John Turco <jtur@concentric.net>